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What can we say about our extensions, these types of conversions are bespoke/tailor made to suit all kinds of requirements. Some creating amazing light and spacious areas especially for kitchen diners. Other conversions provide that extra space you require for utility rooms, cloakroom, playrooms, studies, bathrooms and even a home office.  


We will from your initial enquiry, listen to what you are trying to achieve and using our 25 years experience and knowledge will help and assist you in designing a suitable extension. This could then give you maximun space and complement and enhance your exsisting home.You can build on the rear of your property 3 / 4 square metres without planning permission (single story only). If you want to build a two story extension, or on the side of your property you will need full planning consent.


We do have a full structural and architectural service available and we can guide and take through the whole process. The design and drawings take approximately two to three weeks to process, full planning aproval can take twelve weeks to process. We take care of all the form filling and liaising  with the local authorities. 


This wouid give you time to plan the layouts and finishing speceifications of your new extension.These photographs show some of the differant types of designs and looks that can be achieved.

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